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Research support

Upcoming deadlines for outline proposals

If you consider applying for one of the research grants listed below for a project housed at the Saxo Institute, please forward an outline proposal (1-2 pages) to the Saxo Research Support Team,, no later than 23 April 2019. The Saxo Research Support Team also assists external applicants, if the proposed research project supports the research profile of the institute.

Read about the requirements for an outline proposal.

Open calls

  • COST Action (European Cooperation in Science & Technology)
    Application for research networks. Must include participants from at least 5 different COST member countries. Funding of up to 130 000 EUR per year. Duration: up to 4 years. Next Cut-off date: 5 September 2019.
  • DFF - Independent Research Fund Denmark: Thematic Research Call
    Thematic research within the areas: Digital Technologiesand People and Society. Projects and applications will be assessed according to the criteria of DFF Research Project 1 (up to 2 000 000 DKK excluding overhead) and DFF Research Project 2 (up to 4 300 000 DKK excluding overhead). Deadline for applications to DFF: 18 June 2019 (call is expected to be announced at the end March). See the 2018 call at (pdf).
  • ERC Advanced Grant
    Up to 2 500 000 EUR for up to 5 years. Applicants are expected to be active leading researchers with track-records of significant and original research achievements in the last 10 years. No limitations on PhD age. Deadline for applications to ERC in 29 August 2019.
  • ERC Starting Grant
    Up to 1 500 000 EUR for up to 5 years. The Principal Investigator must have a PhD age between 2 and 7 years. Leave of absence can be deducted from the candidate’s PhD age. Expected deadline for applications to ERC in October 2019 (the call has not been announced, yet).
  • ERC Synergy Grant
    Up to 10 000 000 EUR for up to 6 years. A group of two to maximum four Principal Investigators (PIs) – of which one will be designated as the corresponding PI (cPI) – working together and bringing different skills and resources to tackle ambitious research problems. PIs must present an early achievement track-record or a ten-year track-record, whichever is most appropriate. Expected deadline for applications to ERC in November 2019 (the call has not been announced, yet).
  • Innovation Fund Denmark: Grand Solutions
    Investments in ambitious innovation projects with excellent science and strategic research that contributes to create new and tangible solutions to important societal challenges and creates value for Denmark. Investment rates at approximately 5-15 million DKK per project for up to five years. Deadline for applications to Innovation Fund Denmark: 20 August 2019. In August you can apply for the following calls:
    • Open Call (total funding: 100 million DKK)
    • National Centre for Research in Digital Technologies (total funding: 100 million DKK)
    • Circular Plastics Economy (total funding: 50 million DKK)
    • Digital technologies to boost competence levels (total funding: 30 million DKK)
    • Drones and Robotics (total funding: 20 million DKK)
  • International Network Programme
    Support for researchers at Danish institutions in their efforts to establish network activities with new partners from Brazil, China, India, Israel, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and USA. The call is also open for applications with a special focus on Arctic. For such applications, activities with new partners in Canada, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and The Faroe Islands, may also be included. Funding of up to 200.000 DKK excl. overhead. Deadline for submission: 8 May 2019.

If you are interested in applying for a scheme or a foundation, which is not listed above, you are encouraged to contact Saxo Support,, as soon as possible.

Outline proposal

If you are planning to apply for funding for a research project, and if you want it to be hosted by the Saxo Institute, you will have to submit an outline proposal to the Saxo Research Support Team at the latest 10 weeks prior to the deadline of the foundation.

Research support

To ensure a structured and efficient research administration and project process, the Saxo Institute, has set up a Research Support Team:

Research support includes project support, aid, and support for applications for the Research Councils, private and public foundations and internatioal donorinstitutions such as NordForsk and EU. The Researh Support Unit also covers administration of currently active projects, including especially financial control and development of  project webpages.


The Researh Support Unit functions as the Saxo Institute researcher contact point in relation to all external projects and includes all nescessay contact with the Faculty of Humanities and external donors. 

Project support - the application phase

  1. Information about research application possibilities and deadlines
  2. Research procedures
  3. Specific documentation requirements 

Project support -the project phase

  1. Project establishment
  2. Possible appointment of staff
  3. Webpages
  4. Network administration
  5. External aommunication
  6. Quaterly budget follow-up (in continous dialogue with staff from the  Department of Finance)
  7. Reporting
  8. Project archive (kept at the secretariat for 5 years)