Research support

If you consider applying for a project to be housed at the Saxo Institute, please forward a project outline (1-2 pages) to the Saxo Research Support Team,, as soon as possible and within reasonable time before the submission deadline. If an internal deadline is indicated for a specific call, please comply to this deadline.

Upcoming deadlines for project outlines

Open calls

Danida Fellowship Centre Research Grants 2020
Danida Fellowship Centre supports research projects which build on collaboration between Danish research institutions and research institutions in low-income Danida partner countries, as well as emerging economies. Projects may either be driven by Danish research institutions or by research institutions in the collaborating countries. Funding opportunities in 2020:

  • Window 1: Theme: Sustainable development and climate change. The duration of projects is up to 5 years within a maximum grant of 12 million DKK for each project (including overhead). Around 60% of the budget must be prioritized to institutions in the Danida priority countries. The research must be implemented in a Danida priority country. These are currently Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Myanmar, Niger, Palestine, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda.
    Read the Call for Applications 2020 – Window 1 at (pdf).
  • Window 1: Research themes: 1 ) Renewable energy 2) Environment, including manufacturing, urban development and waste 3) Water resources, including urban water 4) Food Quality 5) Health systems including occupational health and safety (OHS) 6) Maritime development. The expected duration of the projects is from 18 to 36 months with a maximum grant of 5 million DKK (including overhead). Approximately the same level of researcher work time on the project is expected between Danish researchers and researchers in the partner country. The research must be implemented in one of the following growth and transition countries involved in the Strategic Sector Cooperation with Denmark: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, and Vietnam.
    Read the Call for Applications 2020 – Window 2 at (pdf).

Deadline for phase 1 applications to Danida Fellowship Centre: 31 January 2020

NordForsk: Digitalisation of the Public Sector – Research and Innovation Projects
The overarching aim of the call is to combine and integrate knowledge-based, digital innovation efforts with research on the related effects and/or impact on society and end-users, based on factors that enable and drive digital transformation of public sector: emerging technologies; emerging organisational practices; and/or emerging regulatory frameworks and governance mechanisms. The maximum amount of funding available per project is EUR 1 million. Projects are expected to run for maximum three years, and must consist of participants from at least three co-funding countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Latvia and Estonia), of which at least two must be Nordic co-funding countries.

Deadline for applications to NordForsk: 16 January 2020.
For more about the NordForsk call Digitalisation of the Public Sector go to

Read about the requirements for a project outline.

If you are interested in applying for a scheme or a foundation, which is not listed above, please contact Saxo Support,, as soon as possible.

Project Outline

If you are planning to apply for funding for a research project hosted by the Saxo Institute, you will have to submit a project outline to the Saxo Research Support Team at the latest 10 weeks prior to the deadline of the foundation.

Research support

To ensure a structured and efficient research administration and project process, the Saxo Institute, has set up a Research Support Team:

Research support includes project support, aid, and support for applications for the Research Councils, private and public foundations and internatioal donorinstitutions such as NordForsk and EU. The Researh Support Unit also covers administration of currently active projects, including especially financial control and development of  project webpages.


The Researh Support Unit functions as the Saxo Institute researcher contact point in relation to all external projects and includes all nescessary contact with the Faculty of Humanities and external donors. 

Project support - the application phase

  1. Information about research application possibilities and deadlines
  2. Research procedures
  3. Specific documentation requirements 

Project support -the project phase

  1. Project establishment
  2. Possible appointment of staff
  3. Webpages
  4. Network administration
  5. External aommunication
  6. Quaterly budget follow-up (in continous dialogue with staff from the  Department of Finance)
  7. Reporting
  8. Project archive (kept at the secretariat for 5 years)