Research funding

Upcoming deadlines for project outlines

If you consider applying for one of the instruments listed below for a project to be housed at the Saxo Institute, please forward a project outline (at least one page) and a draft for staffing plan to Research Support Officer, Mads Torbenfeldt Christoffersen, xml234@hum.ku.dkno later than 3 October 2022 in order to be considered for approval of housing by the management at the Saxo Institute.

Download template for staffing plan (Excel).

All potential applicants, currently not employed at the Saxo Institute, need to submit an updated CV, a list of publication and a description of collaboration at the Saxo Institute along with the project outline.

Applicants for PhD fellowships should also forward a transcript of grades and an approval of supervision from a Saxo researcher. Applicants who wish to be enrolled as a PhD fellow at the Saxo Institute, but hired by another institution, should furthermore forward an approval from the hiring institution.

Read about the requirements for a project outline.

Current calls

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond:
A connection with Sweden is required. This means that project participants active in Sweden (with a formal link to a Swedish higher education institution) participate in the project or that a Swedish research institute is actively involved. Substantial parts of the funding can be allocated to researchers in other countries. Different calls:

  • RJ Projects
  • RJ Programmes
  • RJ Infrastructure for Research

Deadline for applications to the foundation (call is expected to be opened on 10 January 2023): 31 January 2023
For more information about the different calls go to

Novo Nordisk Foundation: Art Historical and Practice Research

Deadline for submission of proposals to Novo Nordisk Foundation: 12 January 2023.

    If you consider applying for a funding body or instrument which is not mentioned above, then please contact Research Support Officer, Mads Torbenfeldt Christoffersen,, as soon as possible.

    Project Outline

    In general, if you are planning to apply for funding for a research project hosted by the Saxo Institute, you will have to submit a project outline at the latest 10 weeks prior to the deadline of the foundation.

    Research support

    Research support includes project support, aid, and support for applications for the Research Councils, private and public foundations and international donor institutions such as NordForsk and EU. The Research Support Unit also covers administration of currently active projects, including especially financial control and development of  project webpages.


    The Research Support Unit functions as the Saxo Institute researcher contact point in relation to all external projects and includes all necessary contact with the Faculty of Humanities and external donors. 

    Project support - the application phase

    1. Information about research application possibilities and deadlines
    2. Research procedures
    3. Specific documentation requirements 

    Project support -the project phase

    1. Project establishment
    2. Possible appointment of staff
    3. Webpages
    4. Network administration
    5. External communication
    6. Quarterly budget follow-up (in continues dialogue with staff from the  Department of Finance)
    7. Reporting
    8. Project archive (kept at the secretariat for 5 years)