Prehistoric Archaeology

Archaeology has one foot in the humanities, including history in the broadest sense, and one in the natural sciences. It deals with the development of human culture and society all over the world, from the earliest times to the present day.

However, the evolution of human societies and cultures is also rooted in a larger, material world defined primarily by the geosciences and biosciences, but also by physics, astronomy, etc. As a result, archaeology has an unusual number of links with other disciplines, and is studied at different institutions and faculties, e.g. it is often part of social anthropology in the USA but the natural sciences in some other countries, such as the Netherlands.






















































Researchers and lecturers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersson Strand, Eva Birgitta Head of Centre +4535325807 E-mail
Daly, Aoife Maeliosa Associate Professor   E-mail
Foss, Pernille Teaching Associate Professor +4551298816 E-mail
Iversen, Rune Associate Professor +4593509427 E-mail
Lyngstrøm, Henriette Syrach Associate Professor +4551298830 E-mail
Rindel, Per Ole Associate Professor +4551298769 E-mail
Sørensen, Mikkel Associate Professor +4551298848 E-mail
Sørensen, Tim Flohr Associate Professor +4551299719 E-mail