Visiting scholars at Saxo

The Saxo Institute welcomes visiting scholars and doctoral students for both short and longer periods of research within or across the cores areas covered by the Institute: Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek and Latin, and History. The Institute offers a dynamic research environment and provides a number of services and facilities for visitors, most of whom will join the Institute on the basis of a personal invitation. However, we generally welcome requests from scholars (including PhD students) who have an interest in a stay at the Institute and who are willing to participate actively in the Saxo research environment.

Visitors are always assigned to a contact person, who can be of assistance in all relevant matters concerning his or her stay at the Institute. The liaison will normally be working within the same or a similar research area as the visiting scholar.

Accomodation and economy

The Saxo Institute also tries to assist visiting scholars in finding suitable accommodation. Normally, this is possible only when the visitor has been invited by the Institute and will be with us for an extended period of time.

Visiting scholars not at Saxo on an express invitation are expected to cover their own costs toward travel, accommodation and subsistence. In addition, the Institute charges a monthly administrative fee of DKK 3500 (approximately 500 Euro).

Working equipment

Invited guests will always be provided with the necessary working equipment, including desk space, access to the internet and a large number of electronic databases and e-periodica, and administrative support. Invited scholars who are at the Institute for longer periods of time (typically three months or more) will be given office space and access to a personal computer; short-term visitors may have to make do with desk space in one of the Institute’s library sections and are requested to bring their own laptop.

In addition to the well-equipped libraries at the institute, visiting scholars have the opportunity to borrow books from the Royal Danish Library, which is located adjacent to the Institute on the University campus.


Doctoral students, who wish to stay at the institute for a period of time, should initially contact the institute director or the head of Saxo/CPH - Graduate Program for Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin, and History. Normally, only students co-operating with institute researchers or associated with collective research projects housed by the Institute can expect to be affiliated. An affiliation will typically include access to university web facilities and libraries, specific administrative support, an email address, and participation in institute activities, whereas office or desk space cannot be guaranteed.

Contact and applications

The Saxo Institute has a well-functioning administration, which can assist in all matters relating to stays at the institute. Contact persons will refer visitors to the relevant parts of the administration.

  • Requests or applications (except PhD students) should be directed by email to Head of Institute, Stuart Ward,
  • Requests or applications regarding PhD students should be directed by email to the head of the Saxo postgraduate programme, Saxo/CPh, Associate Professor Søren Rud,