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The Saxo Institute Library

The library consists of five separate divisions, all differently located at University of Copenhagen Amager, Campus South. The library contains about a quarter million volumes. It has been built up during more than 120 years in support of study and research in the subjetcs now covered by the Saxo Institute.

We aim for the library to contain the relevant materials for all courses taught at the Institute. Coverage of research fields (and advanced study projects) varies. As a general rule, older periods are better covered than more recent ones, since the literature and source material for these periods is too vast. Danish culture and history is particularly well covered.

Library Divisions

The divisions of the library are:

  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Ethnology
  • Greek & Latin
  • History

Details are available on the separate web page of each division.

Access to the Library

All students and staff have access to the library. Please contact the institute reception (12-3-48) if you are in doubt about opening hours at individual divisions or if you are a guest without affiliation with the Saxo Institute.

Opening hours

Opening hours differ somewhat. All divisions are open to all user groups during normal office hours (9.00 am - 4.00 pm). Access at other hours depends on user group and local door arrangements.

Basic rules of usage

Bacis rules are the same at all divisions:

• Books must never be removed from the premises of the Institute.
• Staff may use books at their offices. In this case, a loan slip must be filled out and placed at the shelf location of the book. Such books may be recalled by the librarian at any time if another user needs the book.
• Otherwise, books must not be removed from the premises of the relevant library division.
• In some library divisions, students with permanent reading room seating or bookcases may place books there. In this case a slip must be filled out and placed at the shelf location of the book.
• Books must be replaced correctly on the shelf after use.
• The library is a place where people work, so please be silent.