PhD research projects are significant and highly valued contributions to the overall research conducted at the Saxo Institute in the research areas History, Ethnology, Greek and Latin as well as Classical and Prehistoric Archaeology.

PhD students follow a 3-year research education programme, which culminates in the submission of a PhD thesis and a public defence leading to the award of the PhD degree.

The aim of the PhD programme is to strengthen and develop the PhD research projects and to give the PhD students supreme conditions for writing a thesis at a high international standard and to obtain the PhD degree within the prescribed period of study.
















































The PhD programme is part of the PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities. At the PhD School homepage you will find all relevant information of how to apply for a PhD scholarship at the faculty, including the Saxo Institute. You can also find an elaborate overview of the structure of the PhD programme, courses, rules and notices. Call for applications for PhD scholarships will be announced on this homepage as well.  

The department organizes line-specific PhD courses, offered and administrated by the PhD School. The courses are advertised on the national database for PhD courses offered by Danish universities.








PhD fellows at Saxo

Name Title Phone E-mail
Aabo, Marie Gorm PhD Fellow   E-mail
Aagaard, Samantha Nordholt PhD Fellow +4541717321 E-mail
Aarup, Kristian Enrolled PhD Student +4535325632 E-mail
Aoussar, Amin Younes PhD Fellow +4535324284 E-mail
Brinkgaard, Lea Cecilie PhD Fellow +4535332101 E-mail
Bristow, Rebecca PhD Fellow +4535329607 E-mail
Christensen, Rasmus PhD Fellow +4525698436 E-mail
Hansen, Marie-Louise Jahn PhD Fellow +4535325855 E-mail
Hedetoft, Christopher Herdan PhD Fellow +4535322393 E-mail
Hjorth-Moritzsen, Line Enrolled PhD Student +4535333461 E-mail
Jensen, Stefanie Langaa Enrolled PhD Student +4535330243 E-mail
Jæger, Jonas Holm PhD Fellow +4535329304 E-mail
Jørgensen, Bente PhD Fellow   E-mail
La Croix, Gabriëlle Elisa PhD Fellow +4535324992 E-mail
Lilleør, Anton Sylvest PhD Fellow +4535321685 E-mail
Lyngsted, Amalie Olga Enrolled PhD Student +4541717479 E-mail
Lyngstrøm, Henriette Syrach Associate Professor +4551298830 E-mail
Maribo, Kristoffer Teaching Associate Professor +4561602735 E-mail
Nørtoft, Mikkel Johansen Research Assistant +4535328382 E-mail
Odgaard Jakobsen, Cecilie Part-time Lecturer +4551513889 E-mail
Perner, Mads Villefrance PhD Fellow +4535330931 E-mail
Schmidt, Jakob Linnet PhD Fellow   E-mail
Skaarup, Emil Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Steen Bygballe, Line PhD Fellow +4528900122 E-mail
Veng, Adam Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail