Maris Zunde

Maris Zunde (photo by Ilmars Dirveiks)

Māris Zunde, Dr.biol.

Senior Researcher, founder and head of the Dendrochronological Laboratory of the Institute of Latvian History, University of Latvia. 

The Institute of Latvian History at the University of Latvia is the leading national research institution for history of Latvia. Major research fields include: the prehistory of Latvia; ethnic and cultural history of the inhabitants of Latvia in prehistory and medieval times; ethnic history of the Baltic States; 20th century history of Latvia; traditional lifeways and customs of the inhabitants of Latvia; culture-historical studies on Riga; bioarchaeology; palaeodemography and dendrochronology.

The Dendrochronological Laboratory of the Institute of Latvian History is at present the only scientific unit in Latvia engaged in dendrochronological dating of timbers mainly deriving from historical structures preserved in the territory of Latvia and compiling long absolute tree-ring chronologies.

 Selected references:

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