Coping with Commercialization: Institutionalization in Medieval Commodity Trade and the Economic Integration of Northern Europe

Postdoctoral research project by Angela Ling Huang, Saxo Institute.

Postdoc Angela Ling Huang

During the Middle Ages, economic exchange increased remarkably, providing the European markets with a great variety of consumables. The structure supporting this development, however, remains unclear.

My project investigates the emergence and development of municipal institutions tied to the key export industries in the Northern European economic region. The main hypotheses to be tested within this framework are that these institutions:

  • derived from economic practice at leading markets within the region under investigation.
  • led eventually to an integrated Northern European economic infrastructure that provided an efficient structure for a commercializing premodern economy.

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Planned future events related to the project

  1. Lecture series at the Saxo Institute on Institutional Analysis in late medieval economic history, scheduled for February-April 2015 (4 lectures).
  2. Conference on medieval institutional development in Northern European trade, scheduled for 2016.
  3. Conference on the economic integration of Northern Europe and beyond, scheduled for 2017.

Angela Ling Huang is the organizer of the Economic History Seminar at the University of Copenhagen. You can read more about the seminar series at