The Rhodes Centennial Project – Shared Living Spaces: Six Building Complexes from the City and the Necropolis of Rhodes (3rd century BC - 2nd century AD)

The Rhodes Centennial Project is a collaboration, initiated in 2016, between the Saxo Institute (University of Copenhagen), and the Archaeological Service on Rhodes. It is directed by professor Vincent Gabrielsen. Conducted as an interdisciplinary undertaking, the project will revolutionise our understanding of the archaeology of Hellenistic and Roman Rhodes.

The project group

The focus and the outcome of the project will be the publication of six building complexes that have come to light in the past sixty years as the result of rescue excavations in the modern city of Rhodes. The project aims to study and to make a highly original and stimulating material available to the broader scientific community for the first time. In doing so, Rhodes will aptly once again be brought to the forefront of research in ancient history and classical archaeology, a century after Blinkenberg embarked on his pioneering Rhodian expedition (1902-1914).

The six complexes under investigation occupy an area of nearly 2000 m2, distributed between the two zones of the ancient city of Rhodes and its necropolis. Two of the complexesare located in the city, in close proximity to the Acropolis, and four of them in the ancient necropolis. The common feature of all these complexes is their communal character: the layout and the finds associated with the complexes point to buildings that were designed to serve the needs of groups and collectivities. A systematic and full publication of these complexes will clarify and illuminate their precise nature and function.






Project period: 2016 - 


PI professor Vincent Gabrielsen

Project participants

Researchers from the Saxo Institute

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Betina, Lisa Postdoc   E-mail
Skaltsa, Stella Associate Professor +4551299289 E-mail

Associated researchers

  • Anastasia Dreliossi-Irakleidou
  • Evangelia Dimitriou
  • Marco Gargano
  • Eriphyle Kaninia
  • Nikos Litinas
  • Maria Michalaki-Kollia
  • Stella Palaiologou
  • Vasiliki Patsiada
  • Evangelos Vernarlis
  • Portokalenia Vratsali
  • Kristina Winther-Jacobsen
  • Foteini Zervaki


  • Panaghiotis Rovilos


  • Katerina Pezouvani (chief conservator)
  • Evangelos Koufos
  • Paraskevi Nikolaidou
  • Chrysanthi Photiou
  • Manolis Vafeiadis