Wolfgang Thomas Gerhard Filser

Wolfgang Thomas Gerhard Filser

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Since 2012 I have been teaching Classical Archaeology at German universities, first in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, then, starting with the summer term 2013, at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Field work in Italy is part of my scientific DNA since student days. Since 2014 I am directing excavations on the Cape of Sorrento, investigating a Roman maritime villa.

Primary fields of research

Generally, my fields of research are within history and theory of ancient Greek and Roman art, mainly vase painting, sculpture and architecture. My doctoral thesis was about Archaic and Classical Athens and the questions regarding the status and the history of its elite. On the basis of a detailed analysis of figured scenes on Athenian banquet pots I tried to show that considerable discrepancies emerge between the imagery and conventional theories of the evolution of Athenian elite (and society as a whole). My hope is that the book contributes to a more careful assessment of Athenian vase painting as a historical source. 
At present I am working on my second monograph, dealing with different concepts of nature in ancient arts and architecture, centering on Hellenistic and early imperial times and the changing dialectics of ars/natura.
Furthermore, I do research in theory of media, mainly on the manyfold relationship of photography and archaeology.


Master's and BA courses in different fields of Classical Archaeology

  • theory of ancient Greek and Roman art
  • Greek and Roman architecture
  • Greek and Roman sculpture
  • Greek ceramics and painting
  • Roman wall painting
  • early Greek societies and their material cultures
  • recpetion of ancient art and the aftermath of antiquity in (post-) modern times
  • theory and pratice of archaeological field work
  • archaeology and photography

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