Marie-Louise Jahn Hansen

Marie-Louise Jahn Hansen

PhD fellow

My research focuses on how ceramics can be used as a mean to understand continuity and development of societies in Cypriot, Roman and Greek areas during the Roman period. 

I am a Ph.d.-fellow on the project Life at the Furnace: Copper smelting ecosystems in the north-western Troodos in Cyprus granted by the Carlsberg Foundation. I study ceramics from the Swedish Cyprus Expedition stored at Medelhavsmuseet

Soli, a gateway community

In my Ph.d.-project I study ceramics from the city, Soli. Soli is located on the northern coastline of Cyprus, which was isolated from modern projects due to political reasons following the invasion of the island in 1974. However, my project bases on ceramics from pre-invasion excavations conducted by the Swedish Cyprus Expedition in 1927 and 1930-31, which presents an opportunity to study a complete set of primary material from a key location on the northern coastline. Consequently, I will reintroduce Soli as a gateway community of trade from the northern coastline of Cyprus.

The project comprises two parts:
1) Registration and analysis of ceramics from the excavations in Soli.
2) Diachronic study of the trading networks of Soli.

ID: 318001500