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Peter Edelberg

Peter Edelberg

Part-time lecturer

Current Research

During recent years I have been doing research on historiography and theory of history, as well as published articles related to my PhD project on the history of homosexuals in postwar Denmark. I am working on raising funds for a project on the history of homosexual organizations in Denmark in the postwar years: the Association of 1948 (LGBT Denmark), The Activist Group 'The Friend', Gay Liberation Front, and the Lesbian Movement.

From 2012 through 2014 I was doing a post.doc. in a larger Nordic project, History of Nordic Historiography beyond Methodological Nationalism - Comparative and Cross-National Perspectives, c. 1850s onwards. In my part I focus on the breakthrough of social history in the 1960s in the Nordic countries and the methodological and theoretical discussions that followed.

Other Research Areas

Danish and European History in the twentieth century

gender and sexuality
 - homosexuality
 - prostitution
 - pornography
 - masculinity

the history of the welfare state
 - democratization
 - crime
 - police
 - disciplining
 - subjectification

historiography and theory of history
 - Michel Foucault
 - David M. Halperin
 - queer theory
 - post-structuralist method and theory
 - classical and functional source criticism

history of the German Occupation of Denmark 1940-45
 - the resistance movements
 - Special Operations Executive (SOE)
 - historiography of the Resistance

Other areas of interest in random order: family history, fantasy literature, J. R. R. Tolkien (and his art languages, especially Quenya and Sindarin), Faroe Islands, religion, mythology, Christianity, theology, history of language, existentialism, Søren Kierkegaard, K. Olesen-Larsen.

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