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Susanne Lervad

Susanne Lervad

Guest researcher

Susanne Lervad, PhD is a visiting scholr at The Centre for Textile Research. She studied specialized communication at the University of Southern Denmark and Université Lyon 2. She is a member of the Centre de Recherche en Terminologie et Traduction at Lyon 2 in specialized communication within the field of textiles - especially weaving and the configurations of verbal and nonverbal representation of concepts in terminology. Since 2007 member of the terminology project, member of CIETA, DANTERM/FORVIR, NORDTERM and the EAFT (Euroean Assocuation of Temrinology, as auditor). Owner of, an terminology coach in the consultancy firm Termplsu Aps. Coordinator of the skin terminology project at CTR with partners: Osservatorio di Temrinologiche Politiche Linguistiche (OTPL), Universitá Cattolica in Milan and Centre de Recherche en Terminologie et Traduction, Université Lyon 2

She has a series of publications in diachronic and synchronic aspects of textile terminology, (see Publications) 

ID: 137397403