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Rune Iversen

Rune Iversen

Assistant professor

Primary fields of research

The Neolithic, the third millennium BC, the Middle Neolithic, the Late Neolithic, earliest Bronze Age, material and cultural boundaries, continuity and change, cultural diversity and identity  

Current research

  • Introduction of Indo-European languages in the North European Neolithic. Research collaboration with Guus Kroonen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.  
  • ‘Arrowheads as markers of group identity among the Pitted Ware hunters of south-western Scandinavia’.This project addresses the question of stylistic variation within the Pitted Ware arrowheads by considering the arrowhead types as markers of group identity. In order to define local groups within the overall Pitted Ware complex this project analyses concentrations of specific arrowhead types in north-eastern Denmark, western Sweden and southernmost Norway. Technological and typological similarities might mirror close group contacts or the existence of seasonal Pitted Ware groups moving back and forth across the Kattegat. The project is part of a larger research project funded by the Velux foundation: ‘CONTACT. The Pitted Ware Phenomenon in Djursland and Maritime Relations Across the Kattegat in the Middle Neolithic’. 

ID: 1800807