Tenna Jensen

Tenna Jensen

Associate Professor

Member of:

Associate professor in historical/ethnological research on health and ageing at the Copenhagen Center for Health Research in the Humanities(core.ku.dk).CoRe is a research center at the SAXO-Institute that unites several projects working with cultural analytical and historical perspectives on health, body and ageing.

I am adjunct associate professor at Greenland Center for Health Rersearch (GCS), Institute of Nursing and Health Science, University of Greenland.

Research interests:

Conditions of ageing, life and health in 20th and 21st century Denmark and Greenland. My primary work consists of studies of;

  • Changes and differences in health and food practices of older people in Denmark and Greenland past and present.
  • Perceptions of ageing in Denmark and Greenland and interrelations between ageing- and health- science, -policy and -practices.
  • Past and present food policies, habits and preferences of elderly in Denmark.
  • Changes and continuities in the national, socio-geographical consumption of food and food quality in Denmark in a Scandinavian context past and present.

I am PI on the project Ageing in the Arctic. Well-being, quality of life and health promotion among older people in Greenland (AgeArc). The project is a combined research and development project. The participating partners include the greenlandic municipalities, Ilisimatusarfik ( University of Greenland), Professionshøjskolen UCC, University of Southern Denmarj ( SDU) and the Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI). The project is funded by VELUX FONDEN and the EGV foundation.

I am Co-PI on the Alliartorneq project - a project on intergenerational camps promoting well-being in Greenland. Also I am part of the CEHA outreach project Fra Arbejdsliv til Seniorlliv.

Moreover I have previously been part of the Center for Healthy Ageing (healthyaging.ku.dk) and the CALM project (Counteracting age related loss of skeletal muscle-mass in the elderly), one of the University of Copenhagen Programmes of Excellence (calm.ku.dk).

My PhD project on food consumption in 20th century Denmark was part of the mulitidiscoplinary research center Danish Obesity Research Center (DanOrc).



  • Cultural history and analysis of health in Denmark (1850- )
  • Percpetions of health and body 1850-
  • Historical and ethnological perspectives on food policy and science
  • Contemporary and historical projects on ageing policies, science and practices

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