Marlene Paulin Kristensen

Marlene Paulin Kristensen

Teaching Associate Professor

PhD in Ethnology, works within the fields of cultural analysis, European studies, ethnography of the state and migration and border studies.  

Teaching experience from BA and MA in European Ethnology, MA in Applied Cultural Analysis, MA in Advanced Migration Studies.

Link to presentation of current research: Restarting the conversation on European borders: the case of the Danish-German borders – University of Copenhagen (

PhD dissertation "Relocating Europe: border officials and their everyday attempts to stabilise borders" (2019) studies the continuous bordering of Europe as performed through the everyday conceptualizations and practices of border officials working with the enforcement of state borders in the realm of the European Union and Schengen regulations and legislation. The end of the Cold War marked a point of acceleration for tighter cooperation regarding the management of both territory and mobility between countries within Europe, and the specific kind of cooperation that was initiated involved alterations both materially, spatially and methodologically. Taking such alterations as the object of study, the dissertation studies the training of personnel, the everyday conceptualization of cooperation and transformation, the allocation of resources and the disappearance and reappearance of places as sites of border enforcement. This is done based on ethnological field research carried out in the following three settings: with Danish Police at the airport of Copenhagen; with Danish Police at the Danish-German border; and with deployed border experts in the EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) in Moldova and Ukraine. Supervised by Associate Professor Marie Sandberg.


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