Maja Rechendorff Møller

Maja Rechendorff Møller

PhD fellow

Current research

We know of migration throughout history and both the individual migrant and the receiving society have always been faced with the challenge of finding a way to incorporate new arrivals into a society. In the ancient Greek world Hellenistic democracies chose to exclude migrants from the privileges of citizenship, assigning them instead to a separate legal status as metics.
     Using the theory of Membership Regimes that encourages customs and social interactions to be considered alongside rules and regulations when evaluating the relations between newcomers and receiving societies, this PhD-project examines the communal integration of metics into the civil-society of their new polis. As a part of the research project Migration and Membership Regimes in the Ancient Greek World, this PhD-project will explore the possibilities of status assimilation for wealthy metics, both in regard to their individual room for action as well as the institutional framework set up by their adopted poleis.

Fields of interest

Ancient Greece, Migration, Integration, Membership Regimes, Metics, Status Assimilation, Hellenistic Democracies

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