Jane Fejfer

Jane Fejfer

Associate Professor

My research is centered on the visual culture in the Roman world, on Roman portraiture set in dialogue with portraits of the Danish neo-classical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. I also work on the role and function of mythological sculpture in the Roman East and I am looking into the challenges and potentials of introducing collecting as a phenomenon useful for investigating assemblages of art works in the Roman world.


Powerful presences: the sculptural portrait between absence and presence, group and individual. With outset in Bertel Thorvaldsen’s portraits this project which is supported by the Velux Foundation and under the auspices of the Thorvaldsens Museum and the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, investigates the potentials of the material agency of the three-dimensional portrait medium through time. It is structured around a number of conferences and seminars, an exhibition and a number of curatorial experiments, which aim at integrating research and curating in a dynamic reciprocal exchange




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