Frida Hastrup

Frida Hastrup

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

Degrees and Training:

2020: Course in research leadership, Leading Research, University of Copenhagen

2014: Research Project Management course, modules 1 and 2, Implement Consulting Group/UCPH

2011: University Teacher course, University of Copenhagen

2009: PhD in Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Social Sciences

2003: MA in the Sociology of Religion, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities 

Primary fields of research

I am an associate professor in ethnology specialized in the following topics:

People and environments (natural resources, agricultural production, green transition, climate change, sustainability, Anthropocene, ecologies, industrial landscapes, environmental humanities).

Knowledge production and collaborative methods (ethnography, generative analysis, feminist theory, anthropology of knowledge, multispecies anthropology, exhibition work). 

PI of the interdisciplinary project Cattle Crossroads. Researching Danish Livestock Production for the Future (2021-2024), funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark (approx 12 mio. DKK).

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Futures, The Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen.

PI of the research project Natural Goods? Processing Raw Materials in Global Times (Starting Grant awarded by the Danish Council for Independent Research's Sapere Aude programme, 2013-2016, approx. 7 mio. DKK).


I teach courses in ethnographic methods, cultural analysis, culture theory, fieldwork and project management, and I organize thesis workshops as well as research-based thematic courses on BA and MA levels. I supervise students on all levels, including PhD students and assistant professors under pedagogical training.

ID: 11111