Bo Fritzbøger

Bo Fritzbøger

Associate Professor

Employment etc.

  • 2015-18 Deputy Director of the SAXO-Institute
  • 2013-15 member of the UCPH senate
  • 2013-15 deputy chairman of Academic Council
  • 2014 deputy platform representative in the platform "Making transitions happen" under the EIC Climate-KIC
  • 2012-14 member of the Local Organising Committee of the 2014 IARU-Conference
  • 2012-13 chairman of Academic Council
  • 2012-14 member of the steering committee for the UCPH Sustainability Science Center
  • 2012-13 director of Centre for Cultural Studies in Sustainability, Faculty of Humanities,UniversityofCopenhagen
  • 2010-12 Head of SAXO/CPh, Research Training Programme for Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek and Latin, and History (approx. 40 PhD-students)
  • 2009-12 member of the Universityof Copenhagenworking group (and since 2011 of the steering group) preparing the MA Study programme Climate Change – Impacts, Mitigation, Adaption
  • 2007-2010 Director of Studies, SAXO-Institute (approx. 2,000 students, 6 BA Study Programmes, 7 MA Study Programmes)
  • Since 2006 Associate professor (lektor) in the SAXO-Institute, University of Copenhagen
  • 2004-2005 Assistant professor (adjunkt) in the SAXO-Institute, University of Copenhagen
  • 2003 Senior lecturer (lektor) in Forest & Landscape, The Royal Veterinarian and Agricultural University, partly financed by an individual scholarship from the Research Council for the Humanities
  • 2002 Consultant, Society of Danish Hedgerow Planters
  • 2000-2002 Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Scholarship (forskningsstipendium) without institutional affiliation
  • 1997 scientific assistant (amanuensis) in Department for Economics, Forestry and Landscape, The Royal Veterinarian andAgriculturalUniversity
  • 1995-2000 senior lecturer (forskningslektor), Department of History,UniversityofCopenhagen, attached to three major interdisciplinary research projects:
  • Land-Use History and Plant-Diversity (headed byBent Aaby,DanishNationalMuseum)
  • Borders in the Landscape (headed byKjell Nilsson,ResearchCenter forForest and Landscape)
  • Cultural Processes in Nordic Woodland Communities (headed by Ingvar Kaldal,NorwegianUniversity of Science and Technology)
  • 1993-2003 External lecturer (ekstern lektor), Department for Economics, Forestry and Landscape, The Royal Veterinarian andAgriculturalUniversity
  • 1992-95 Postdoctoral research fellow (forskningsstipendiat), Department of History, UniversityofCopenhagen
  • 1992 Consultant for the DanishForestand Nature Agency
  • 1991 Consultant for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation
  • 1988-91 PhD-student (kandidatstipendiat), Department of History,UniversityofCopenhagen
  • 1986-87 Sub-editor, Nordic Research Project on Deserted Farms and Villages
  • 1986-87 Carlsberg Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship (scholarstipendium)


Mag. art 1987, Ph.d. 1992, Dr.phil. 2004

ID: 10033