Astrid Pernille Jespersen

Astrid Pernille Jespersen

Professor, Head of Centre

CV for Astrid Pernille Jespersen,  Associate professor, MA, PhD


Education and Training:

1999: MA, European Ethnology. Awarded Gold medal of the University of Copenhagen

2008: PhD from the University of Copenhagen: Ph.D. dissertation on General Practice, the Consultation process and the Concept of Commitment

2012: Research Management Course at CBS-SIMI Executive

Parental leave:

May 1st 2002 – January 24th 2003; September 5th 2005 – September 1st 2006


Academic Positions:

2022-:           Professor, the Ethnology Department, Saxo Institue

2013- :          Head of Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities at the Saxo-institute, UCPH

2011- :          Associate professor (tenure), the Ethnology Department, Saxo-institute, UCPH

2009-2011:   Assistant professor, the Ethnology Department, Saxo-institute, UCPH

2008:             Assistant professor at the Centre for Design Research and The Danish Design School on the project: Mediating Fashion (5½ months full time)


2021-: co-PI SMUHL – Sund mund hele livet, funded by Sygeforsikring Danmark and Velux Foundation, 8,6 mil. dkr.

2021-: co-PI EMOVE – enabling the matching of volunteers, funded by Innovationfund Denmark, 9,64 mil. dkr.

2020-: PI Fra arbejdsliv til seniorliv – forbered dig godt, funded by Nordea-fonden, 17 mil. dkr.

2020- PI Frivillighed til ALLE ældre, funded by Nordea-fonden, 4,9 mil. dkr.

2019-: co-PI in the cross-disciplinary project FitMum: Fitness for good health of mother and child, funded by TrygFonden, 5,6 mil. dkr.

2017: Det gode seniorliv. 200.000 DKK, Esbjerg Kommune.

2017: Grant for housing visiting, adjunct professor Stanley Ulijaszek, University of Oxford. Nordea-fonden.

2016-2017: Brudflader og samspil. 80.000 DKK, Ishøj Kommune.

2016-2018: Food Waste in Denmark and Sweden, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Individual Fellowships, Sebastian Abrahamsson. Supervisor: Astrid Jespersen. 212.000 Euro

2015- : WP-leader and member of the steering committee in COUNTERSTRIKE, funded by the Innovation-Fund Denmark 15,6 mil. dkr. (2,1 mil. Euro)

2015: Appetit på maden. 250.000 DKK, Københavns Kommune.

2013-2018: PI/Theme leader in the cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty Center for Healthy Aging, funded by Nordea-fonden (2009-2018), 300 mil. dkr. (40,2 mil. Euro). Member of the steering committee

2013-2017: UCPH 2016-funding for the interdisciplinary and interfaculty project GO: Governing Obesity, 33 mil. dkr. (4,42 mil. Euro). WP-leader and member of the steering committee.

2013-2017:   PI of the UCPH 2016-funding for the interdisciplinary and interfaculty project CALM: Counteracting Age-related loss of Muscle Mass, 19,6 mil. dkr. (2,63 mil. Euro).

Selected Activities:

2018- :          Chair of the scientific advisory board at the Velux Foundation funded project AgeArc.

2017-2021:   HumanImpact. Senior researcher and post.doc.-host, funded by Industriens Fond,

2017:             Visiting Research Fellow at Institute Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France

2016:             Research Management at UCPH – A leadership course

2014- :          Appointed member of the steering committee at the interfaculty UCPH platform on Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolism

2014- :          Reviewer: the Faeroese Research Council; Journals: Social Science and Medicine; Sociology of Health and Illness Kulturstudier; Køn & Kultur; Ethnologia Scandinavica 

2012-:            Appointed member of the research committee at the Saxo-Institute

2012:             Research Management Course at CBS-SIMI Executive

2011: Visiting Research Fellow at CRESC, Open University, UK

2010- : Research participant in the research alliance Performing temporary spaces for user driven innovation (TempoS) funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council

2009-2013: Research participant in the Centre for Healthy Aging (CEHA) and the UNIK initiative on a multidisciplinary project on obesity and exercise (FINE)


Teaching and Supervision:

Teaching experience on all levels from BA to PhD, both in Danish and English. Primarily Theoretical, Methodological and Cultural Analytical courses, but also courses on health related issues as well as courses in Museology. Teaching experience from the University of Copenhagen (Ethnology and Public Health) and Aarhus University (Museology and Master of Humanity and Health).

Supervision of bachelor and master theses. Experience with PhD supervision (4 ongoing, 4 completed) and mentoring of postdocs (9 in total).

Editorial Experiences:

2017: Guest Editor on a special issue of Academic Quarter: Network

2017: Editor of Kulturvidenskab som refleksiv praksis – etnologiske perspektiver på individ og fællesskab, kultur og historie, Hans Reitzels Forlag

2012: Editor on a special issue of Kulturstudier (2012/2): Skrald

2011: Editor on a special issue of Kulturstudier (2011/2): KrObjekt. Temanummer af Kulturstudier om krop, sundhed og sygdom

2012: Guest Editor on a special issue of Science & Technology Studies: Cultural Analysis as Intervention

2010 - 2013: Member of the editorial board of Kulturstudier (International, peer-reviewed journal)

2010: Editor of Kulturelle processer i Europa, Museum Tusculanums Forlag

2006: Editor of Verden Over. En introduktion til stats- og livsformsteorien og dens aktuelle anvendelse i etnologien, Museum Tusculanums Forlag


Member of the Health, Humanity & Culture Group at Aarhus University, Denmark; Member of the Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies; Member of EASST (European Association for Science and Technology Studies); Member of SIEF (Societé International Ethnologie et Folkloristique)

Research communication and dissemination:

APJs engagement with humanistic health research has developed in tandem with a broad spectrum of dissemination activities. A part of the dissemination has been in traditional academic formats such as journal publications, conference presentations, and invited talks spanning the spectrum from ethnological conferences to specialized health research, such as sports science. Furthermore, a significant effort has been made to convey research results and interdisciplinary approaches to a larger non-academic audience. In this mode, APJ has co-authored a popular book on ‘Det gode senior liv’. She has also developed joint public talks with health research professor Bente Stallknecht. These talks have been given to numerous audiences and on numerous occasions (e.g. groups of company employees, public events organized by newspapers, and public lectures by KU). APJ has also develop a talk specifically directed to senior citizens, which she has given more than 10 times. Finally, she often participates in radio interviews and news articles on health-related issues.

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