Anton Sylvest Lilleør

Anton Sylvest Lilleør

PhD fellow

My PhD project is an attempt to write a history of the electorate in Danish politics. The electorate was constituted as a political subject by suffrage, but was subsequently also made an object of various kinds of knowledge production. This subject-object relation constitutes a focal point in the project. I examine the introduction of election statistics and especially behavioural voter research and opinion polling in Danish politics and how these new kinds of knowledge represented the electorate in new ways. More generally my project deals with the relation between statistics and representative government, that is between a form of knowledge and a form of government. Supervisor: Niklas Olsen.

Among many other things, I am interested in democracy, politics, science and knowledge in a historical as well as in a theoretical perspective.

I am MSc and BSc in social science with minor subject in history and BSc in political science from University of Copenhagen. As part of my master, I studied philosophy at Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV).

I have previously taught history and social science in Danish high schools (Sankt Annæ Gymnasium and Helsingør Gymnasium), philosophy of law and sociology of law (Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen), and philosophy of science, political theory, and sociology (Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen).

ID: 143264244