Boards and committees

The Saxo Institute has a number of councils and committees, which collectively cover significant aspects of the institute's scope of action. The committees are advisory in relation to the head of department. They can take up questions at their own initiative and deal with cases that the head of department submits to the committees.

The committees consist of various combinations of scientific staff, administrative staff, PhD students and students, depending on the committee's portfolio.


Chair person




The Study Board is a democratically elected body with equal representation of teachers and students. One teacher together with one student represents each of the five major subject areas of the institute:

  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Ethnology
  • Greek and Latin 
  • History

According to university legislation, the board controls the organization, implementation and development of education. It forms and passes curricula, and it develops educational strategies. The Study Board deals with all applications regarding the transfer of credits, internships and other exemptions from the standard curriculum.

The Study Board normally meets on a monthly basis, and its meetings are generally open to the public.



  • Lisa Marie Andersson (Student, Classical Archaeology)

Academic staff members


  • Anna Adsbøl Christensen (Ancient Greek and Latin)
  • Rikke Søgaard (Prehistoric Archaeology)
  • Maria Ambika Frandsen (History)
  • Philip Mark Neie Pedersen (Ethnology)


Observer - academic staff members