Alumni networks at the Saxo Institute

If you are graduated from the Saxo Institute you can become member of a local alumni network. Here, you can meet fellow alumni, sustain and expand your network, gain new knowledge, and develop your skills.





The UCPH MACA Alumni Network is for graduates from the MA in Applied Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen and Lund University. This professional network connects graduates across countries, professional fields and interests. The network's mission is to strengthen the network of MACA alumni as well as strengthen the program itself. <span data-ccp-props="{" 201341983="" :0="" 335559738="" :120="" 335559739="" :220="" 335559740="" :276=""> 

<span data-ccp-props="{" 201341983="" :0="" 335559738="" :120="" 335559739="" :220="" 335559740="" :276="">Read more about the MACA Alumni Network.







AMISAN is the alumni network of the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies

Our mission is to strengthen networking opportunities between past, present and future AMIS students, to support students to pursue their interests and goals, and to deepen and broaden the discourses we have together about migration.

Read more about the AMISAN alumni network.














UCPH Alumni

By joining a local alumni network, you are also becoming a member of the University of Copenhagen Alumni Association.

Read more about UCPH Alumni.