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The UCPH MACA Alumni Network is for graduates from the MA in Applied Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen and Lund University. This professional network connects graduates across countries, professional fields and interests. The network's mission is to strengthen the network of MACA alumni as well as strengthen the program itself.  

MACA Alumni is a professional network established in 2021. If you want to join our professional network please join our events and our LinkedIn page

Our continued success and existence depends upon the involvement of MACA alumni, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in being involved.  

We hope you would like to join MACA Alumni and become inspired by fellow alumni. 

Best wishes, 
Meghan Finney
Chairman of the board 
























All graduates that hold a master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis from the University of Copenhagen and Lund University. Students currently enrolled in both programs are also welcome to join. Although this network is found through the University of Copenhagen, we encourage and welcome all students from Lund University to join.  

By joining MACA Alumni Network, you are also becoming a member of the University of Copenhagen Alumni Association.

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Being a member of the MACA alumni network gives you access to our yearly events, as well as an annual newsletter. Your membership serves as a point of contact between alumni, students, faculty, and external organizations. As a member, you can expand your network, as well as, gain new knowledge and skills through facilitated access to former students as well as events and resources. 


The MACA Alumni Network is run by the Alumni Advisory Board which consists of volunteer alumni. They develop and plan activities for the MACA Alumni Association. 

If you want to join the Advisory Board, please join the alumni LinkedIn group to see when the next meeting is. 





















    Seats on the Board go to volunteer MACA Alumni, and one position is held for a Professor of the MACA program at UNCPH.  

    The Board schedules events, updates the Alumni website, and coordinates with the UNCPH & Lund department of MACA.  

    The Board also supports the development of research and education for projects related to MACA and ensures the proper coordination of all activities within the School as well as outside. The Board meets once annually and may appoint an international advisory committee on an ad hoc basis to provide specific inputs for strategy documents, major research initiatives, and to evaluate the performance of the School. 

    Current board

    • K. Meghan Finney – Chairman of the board & founder
    • Mark Vacher  Professor of MACA & Alumni Sponsor
    • Karen Paulsen  Contact at Lund University Alumni network
    • Samantha Hyler  Board member
    • Yana Kazachuk  Board member
    • Erik Andersen  Board member



    MACA welcomes partnerships with public and private partners who are interested in engaging in qualitative research, events and education. Get inspired by the many ways to collaborate with us on the UCPH Business Collaboration website or contact Mark Vacher or Tom O’Dell to collaborate.  






























    Meghan Finney, Chairman of the board, at appliedculturalanalysis@gmail.com 

    UCPH Alumni

    By joining MACA Alumni Network, you are also becoming a member of the University of Copenhagen Alumni Association.

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