Ask Me Anything January 2022

Join the MACA Alumni Network’s first event: Ask Me Anything (AMA), which will be held virtually on the platform Wonder on Thursday 27 January at 18:00 CET.

The AMA will feature three panellists from the consultancy field to share their perspectives and spark discussion:

Sofie Lohmann: Sofie holds a BA in European Ethnology and an MA in Applied Cultural Analysis. She has been applying her skills in Damvad Analytics since 2018. In Damvad, she primarily works with impact assessment and evaluations for philanthropic foundations, patient organisations, and educational institutions. In addition to that, she works with user-driven development and design thinking processes.

Natalia Usme: Natalia is a cultural analyst from Lund University. She is the co-owner of Flipa Consultora, a business anthropology consultancy firm in Colombia. She is the director of the Flipa Summit, the first summit in business anthropology in Latin America, and the co-founder of Flipate Magazine, the first digital business anthropology magazine in Latin America. She also works as a service designer for a tech multinational on projects involving strategy design.

Onur Grey: Onur is a Turkish anthropologist. He graduated from MACA in 2019 and is currently working for a research company in Istanbul. Lately, he has been occupied with youth and media studies. Additionally, he has been doing research in a highly politicised context which he says is a challenge. On a more humanistic note, he says that he is terrible with numbers and dates, so besides from that, you can ask him anything.

The event will allow for networking, catching up with old classmates, and learning from our three panelists in the consultancy field.

Please fill in the form to join the alumni network as well as register for the event