Ambeli tou Englezou, MP3339, a Hellenistic-Roman tomb in Arsinoe, Cyprus: The Ceramics

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The article presents and discusses the ceramics and associated burial customs from Ambeli tou Englezou, MP3339, an unusually large chamber tomb of the Hellenistic-Roman period near Asinou on the north-western coast of Cyprus excavated by Dr. Eftychia Zachariou from the Cypriot Department of antiquities. The tomb belongs at the end of a long Cypriot tradition of depositing rich gifts, including multiple ceramic vessels, with the burials and reusing tombs for multiple burials over a long period. The ceramics consist of a range of imported vessels, indicating the maritime connections of Arsinoe, as well as vessels of most likely local or regional production. Their functions reflect the customs of depositing food and drinks as well as the need to treat the bodies with unguents.
The proportional distribution of vessels of different functions does, however, suggest a number of changes in the associated burial customs between the Hellenistic and Early Roman period. The ceramic grave goods included a number of defective vessels, which is not a phenomenon observed before. Together with the lack of traces of use and the proportional distribution of specific vessel types,
this suggests that pots were bought specifically with the funerary ritual in mind.
Original languageEnglish
JournalProceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens
Pages (from-to)83-234
Number of pages151
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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