Line Hjorth-Moritzsen

Line Hjorth-Moritzsen

Enrolled PhD student

I'm writing a PhD project where I explore how women's labour was registered in the Danish censuses from 1834-1901 to gain knowledge about the labour, paid as well as unpaid, of all Danish women in the nineteenth century. The project consists of three studies:

- A methodological examination and theoretical discussion of concepts and categorisations used by nineteenth century enumerators and statisticians to register women's labour.

- The mapping and analysis of the work of all Danish women in the rural areas based on the registrations in the censuses 1860, 1880 and 1901. The aim of this part is to reasses the aggregated statistics from the nineteenth century by making most rural female work visible in a new classification system. 

- A study of the work of invisible married women in rural Denmark in memoirs.

ID: 283308785