10 October 2023

Eva Andersson Strand appointed Professor of Archaeology

Eva Andersson Strand, director of the Centre for Textile Research, can now, as of 1 October, officially hold the title of professor of archaeology. Her appointment marks a strengthening of the field of archaeology at the Saxo Institute and at the University of Copenhagen, where she will continue to play a leading role in the interdisciplinary collaboration within the UCPH School of Archaeology.

The Head of the Saxo Institute, Casper Sylvest, views her appointment as a strengthening of interdisciplinary collaboration:

- Eva Andersson Strand is a highly accomplished and experienced researcher with extensive connections within archaeological research environments both within and outside the University of Copenhagen. I am confident that this will contribute positively to the academic development within the field of archaeology, both at Saxo Institute and at the University of Copenhagen.

He adds:

- The department already has a good level of cooperation between the archaeological communities, but there is potential to increase mutual understanding of teaching and research and to strengthen the collaboration. Additionally, I look forward to following the developments at the UCPH School of Archaeology, where Eva will continue to play a leading role.

Eva Andersson Strand is center director at the Center for Textile Research and is also a part of the steering committee for the inter-faculty UCPH School of Archaeology. She shares her thoughts on the appointment:

- It is the most exciting and, at the same time, challenging task I have received in academic life. We at the Saxo Institute have enormous potential in both classical and prehistoric archaeology and leading research in several areas. My hope and goal are that, together with my colleagues at the institute, we get the opportunity to make this more visible and create new and better conditions for archaeology in general, both in terms of research but also teaching.

About Eva Andersson Strand

Eva Andersson Strand graduated from Lund University and has been part of the Centre for Textile Research at the Saxo Institute since 2005. She specialises in ancient textile crafts and production processes and their significance for understanding the cultural and economic aspects of past societies.

Her research has taken her to various historical periods, including the Viking Age in Scandinavia and the Bronze Age around the Aegean Sea. She has also explored textile craft traditions in contemporary Turkey and Jordan.

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