Ritual, hierarchy and resistance in the Copper Age of Bavaria

Talk with Professor Daniela Hofmann from University of Bergen.Source: Daniela HofmannThe enclosure at Riedling (c. 4300-4000 cal BC) in Bavaria stands out due to many human remains and several striking examples of depositional practices involving large amounts of complete vessels and animal bone. In the course of analysis, these activities and people reinforced the wide range of contacts and connections previously suggested for the local Münchshöfen culture, as well as revealing some new ones. The human remains have also been treated in a variety of ways, from complete interments to disarticulation and dispersal. Can all this differentiation and expenditure of effort be fitted into narratives of increasing hierarchisation at the cusp of the Copper Age?

This talk discusses the evidence for depositional practices, human mobility and connections to try to frame an answer.

Part of the Archaeology Research Seminar Series - Spring 2024