Global History: Between Questions and Answers

Seminar with Dr Francesca Trivellato, Andrew W. Mellon Professor at the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).


What is global history? The question remains urgent and yet elusive. This seminar will be an occasion not to try and offer new and conclusive answers but rather to turn the elusive and sometimes even contradictory nature of global history into the object of our analysis. A precirculated text will form the basis of the discussion but everyone is invited to contribute their experience and insights.


A leading historian of early modern Italy and continental Europe, Francesca Trivellato has made significant and groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of the organization and culture of the marketplace in the pre-industrial world. Trivellato's original and imaginative research has revitalized the study of early economic history, and her influential work on cross-cultural trade intersects the fields of European, Jewish, Mediterranean, and global history, religion, and capitalism.