Greek Funerary and Votive Reliefs Reused for Display in the Ancient Mediterranean

Research Friday at Archaeology: Talk by Gabriella Cirucci, Marie Curie Fellow at Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen.

The REFRAME Project focuses on the reuse for display of Greek marble funerary and votive reliefs in the Ancient Mediterranean. At the heart of the investigation are reliefs sculpted in Greece in the 6th-2nd centuries BCE that after exhausting their original function as gravestones in cemeteries, or as votive gifts in sanctuaries were reused and put on display in a new context. The research intends to establish a new interpretive model capable of illuminating the impact of these artefacts in their original contexts as well as over time and space, from their origin right through to their musealization. From this perspective, REFRAME aims also to disclose new opportunities for comparative research in other historical periods and cultural areas, providing new scientific methods, tools, and networks to bridge ancient and contemporary attitudes toward and interest in antique artefacts. Further, this project will develop a new museum communication strategy in order to bring knowledge to the public of the itineraries of these reliefs over time, reframing the way museum visitors experience and understand these objects.