Editing armorials

Cooperation, knowledge and approach by late Medieval practitioners

Doctoral defence by Steen Clemmensen.

Official opponents

  • Professor Luc Duerloo, University of Antwerp
  • Associate Professor Carsten Jahnke, University of Copenhagen

Chair of the defence

  • Associate dean for education and research Jens Erik Mogensen

The defence is open to the public and will be conducted in English.

The dissertation can be obtained at a total cost for DKK 271 excl. shipping (softcover) or DKK 30 (ebook) which can be read with Adobe Digital Editions, e.g. via Amazon.com, Saxo.com, Arnoldbusck.dk or at https://www.bod.dk/bogshop/

The summary can be downloaded free of charge from www.armorial.dk/editing_armorials/EA-u0_summary.pdf

Opponents ex auditorio may sign up at the Chair of the defense.