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Greek & Latin Library Division


Campus South (Copenhagen University Amager) stairwell 10, third floor. The library is divided in two collections set up in two rooms: The Classical collection in room 17.3.43 and the Mediaeval collection in room 9.3.20. The last mentioned room can also be reached from stairwell 9. A map can be found here.


Notable strong points of the collections are the Greek and Latin literature of the ancient world and mediaeval Europe.


The whole library division has an electronic catalogue as a section of the Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library catalogue system REX.A direct link to this catalogue division can be found here.In the listings from the catalogue, books set up in the Classical collection has the code UnKlaFi. Books set up in the Mediaeval collection has the code UnGrL.


This division has no librarian on the premises. Further information can be found posted in the library.