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History Library Division


Campus South (Copenhagen University Amager), stairway 15, first floor. The main room is room 15-1-14. A map can be found here.


The library division is set up in three separate collections: General History, Contemporary History, Economic History. All collections share the same suite of rooms. Notable strong points of the collections are the history of Denmark and the theory and methodology of historical sciences.


The whole library division has an electronic catalogue as a division of the Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library catalogue system REX.From this page, further refinement of the search according to internal library division is possible.A direct link to this catalogue division can be found here. In the listings from the catalogue, books placed in the General History collection has the code UnHi. Books placed in the Contemporary History collection has the code UnSaHi. Books placed in the Economic History collection has the code UnØHi.


This division has a librarian on the premises during normal working hours. Further information is posted on the bulletin boards in the library or can be obtained from the librarian.