About History

The purpose of historical inquiry is to understand human conditions and interrelations through time. Accordingly, it covers an extensive field of knowledge. But history does not only deal with so-called historical facts. Equally important are conjectures made by past historians trying to interpret life’s chaotic tension between continuity and change. 

The same applies to the never ending re-interpretation of ancient texts in order to make sense of our own time. History both includes and forms part of a great variety of subjects. What is particular about history compared with other sciences, is its wide perspective. All aspects of human life are potentially relevant.

On the one hand, history offers concise analyses of past living circumstances in remote mountain hamlets. On the other, it deals with great theories and intangible hypothetical models of large-scale social and mental change.

The study of history has two objectives. One is to acquire knowledge about the ongoing development from past to present. The other is to discover how such knowledge is actually produced - and to produce it. As a history student, you will be presented with both general views upon lengthy periods and specialized examinations of limited problems.

You will meet ancient and strange cultures as well as post-modern globalization. Your ability to investigate historical issues will be trained through a range of courses at levels of increasing difficulty and complexity.

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