Libraries at the SAXO institute

The library at SAXO institute is a reference library with no lending facilities. The library is an essential ressource for lecturers and researchers as well as students and it is therefore important that none of the books are removed from the libraries. Throughout the library there are study-facilities where you can sit down and read the books in a quiet and concentrated atmosphere. If you have any questions about how to use the library please contact the librarian or ask one of the Danish students.

Please see the homepage of the SAXO libraries for further information.

Libraries on Campus and in the City

The Royal Library, Faculty Library of Humanities ("Det Humanistiske Fakultetsbibliotek")
The library is placed in a modern building centrally on campus and offers great study facilities. You will both find quiet areas for intense studying as well as areas for study groups and academic discussions. The library has a wireless internet connection which you are welcome to use free of charge.
The library also has a large selection of international newspapers and magazines which you can read in the cosy surroundings on the ground floor. To find information about opening hours etc., please see the Royal Library's website.

Municipal Libraries
Municipal libraries can be found in every district of Copenhagen as well as in the suburbs. You can search all the libraries in Denmark by using On registration with the Danish authorities you may use the extensive network of public libraries free of charge. Your yellow health insurance card doubles as a library card.