Saxo Courses in English

The Saxo Institute offers a range of courses at BA and MA level in the subject areas of Prehistoric Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin and History.

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Danish Culture Courses 

The Saxo Institute offers courses in Danish Culture at introductory BA-level. Culture Courses offers a unique combination of lectures and excursions, which provide a wide understanding of issues related to Denmark. 

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Full degree

The Saxo Institute offers English Master's programmes in Advanced Migration Studies and Applied Cultural Analysis.

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Saxo courses in Danish

At the Saxo Institute we offer six different BA and MA degrees taught in Danish.

BA degrees are offered in:

  •  Prehistoric Archaeology
  •  Classical Archaeology
  •  Ethnology
  •  Greek & Latin
  •  History

Elective studies are offered in the same subjects as well as Museology, Classical Civilization and Scandinavian Studies.

Finally, the institute offers master programmes in 

  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Ethnology
  • Greek & Latin
  • History
  • Medieval Greek
  • Medieval Latin
  • Applied Cultural Analysis
  • Advanced Migration Studies