On the marketization of labour in Europe and China – similar challenges, different approaches

Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

Niels Jul Nielsen - Lecturer

The influence of various forms of migration on national welfare regimes and social citizenship has attracted increasing scholarly attention. While the European Union and China are of different nature in terms of political organization and geographical scale, both are characterized by multi-dimensional processes of internal border-opening that encourage labour migration and pressure to restructure social citizenship, which has been unevenly developed within the framework of the nation-state in Europe and unevenly regulated at the municipal level in China. Building on previous comparative studies from different perspectives, this inter-disciplinary workshop brings together researchers from political science, sociology, human geography and law to examine the challenges for social citizenship under conditions of increased cross-border mobility in these areas from a global perspective. Specifically, it focuses on the continued production of temporariness and precarity in mobility regimes that have removed formal barriers to free movement, and examines how this challenges the existing configuration of welfare institutions and social rights. Approaching these pressing issues in the global context of the precarization of temporary and informal labour migrants, the agenda of this workshop is not only relevant for Europe and China, but also for other Asian countries profoundly influenced by both transnational and internal migration.
2 Dec 2016

Event (Conference)

TitleTemporariness, circularity, mobility
LocationDepartment of Political Science on Friday, NIAS
CityChenchen Zhang

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