General Application Criteria and Procedures at the Saxo Institute

The Saxo Institute has introduced specific procedures for the handling of external project applications. This is to secure the best possible process with time for thorough evaluation of applications and budgets including a collegial review.

It is important to underline that this is a service and a help – both for the Institute, the applicant and the secretariat. The imperative is to secure ample time to handle all questions and possible problems, which usually arise during the application process, thus ensuring that all formalities and technical requirements are observed – including correctly filled in forms, housing statements etc.

All applications referring to the Saxo Institute as host institution, must keep the following procedures and deadlines, if you want to be certain that the application is to be handled in a proper and professional manner. Therefore, applications which are submitted past the stipulated deadlines cannot be certain of receiving aid from the Saxo Institute Research Support Team.

Specific procedures and deadlines with set dates will be sent out for larger and regular annual and semi-annual calls such as the Research Council for Culture and Communikation (FKK) and The Carlsberg Foundation.

If deadlines with set dates have not been issued General Application Criteria and Procedures always apply. It is especially important to note that a statement of interest must always be submitted 10 weeks prior to a given deadline.

When applying for a larger EU grant, it is vital that you contact the Saxo Research Support Team well before, and no less than 10 weeks, ahead of the application deadline.

10 weeks before deadline
Submission of a project outline of 1-2 pages about the main focus, scope and type of project. The project outline is essential in order to initially assess number- and types of applications, the extent of need for administrative resources and for preparing initial comments, which might benefit the actual writing process or point out discrepancies between the application at hand and the call criteria.
Please state whether you accept an offer of a review by a fellow researcher or not.

8 weeks before deadline
Everyone who has submitted a project outline will receive the first response to the project outline and if there are any formal, financial or other problems, which needs to be addressed right away.

In addition, separate forms for budgeting salaries and requests for information about additional budgetary items (operating expenses such as travel, seminars, conferences, book purchases etc.) will be sent out.

6 weeks before deadline
Information for the calculation of salaries and operating expenses for the budget must be submitted to the Research Support Team. Our staff in the Department of Finance will help you calculate your budget.

4 weeks before deadline (electronic application)
If the application is to be submitted electronically, Information about your user profile must be reported to Research Support, in order for us to be able to access your applications.

Access to the electronic application is needed to ensure a proper and thorough preparation of the material, including making sure that it is in accordance with formal criteria, that the budgets are all right, etc.

4 weeks before deadline
Draft for final project proposal including all annexes is submitted to the Saxo Research Support Team.

The following documents must be submitted:

1.    Project description in keeping with all call requirements (there is room for
       minor adjustments)
2.    Call required annexes

Final project proposal including all annexes is to ensure a proper and thorough preparation of the material, including making sure that it is in accordance with formal criteria, and if the scientific or methodical/organisational sections of the applications could be strengthened.

The latter refers to the offer of having the project description sent to a colleague for comments. This is an offer that you are entitled to decline. However, should you accept to have a fellow specialist read your application, a colleague (usually from the Saxo Institute) will be asked to read and possibly comment the proposal.

Research Support at the Saxo Institute presently consists of Mads Torbenfeldt Christoffersen and Per Tofting Fjordside. All applications must be sent directly to the Research Support Team, who will forward applications to and liaise with the head of the institute, the faculty and other authorities should the need arise. In other words you only need to contact Research Support at the Saxo Institute in all matters relating to your application. E-mail:

The Research Support team is responsible for reading the project description, calculating the budget and make sure that the application applies with formal requirements. In addition Research Support is also responsible for acquiring a housing statement from the head of the institute and for sending it to the applicant. The applicant is responsible for filling in all sections of the application, except for the budget which is filled in by Research Support.