Project leaders

Marie Sandberg, PhD, Associate Professor (PI), European Ethnology, SAXO Institute, and Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen.


Marie Sandberg is trained in the field of European Ethnology. Working in the fields of European cultural processes Marie Sandberg’s overall research interest is the ‘Europeanisation of everyday life’. Her research themes are everyday border practices and migration. For instance, she has conducted fieldwork at the German-Polish border, as well as among Polish circular migrants in Denmark. As a steering group member of the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen, and former Vice-Chair of the Nordic Migration Network, she is vividly engaged in discussions within the international as well as Nordic fields of migration and border studies. Since 2013 she is the editor in chief (co-editor is prof. Monique Scheer, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen) of Ethnologia Europaea – Journal of European Ethnology.


Dorte Jagetic Andersen, PhD, Associate Professor (Co-PI) Centre for Border Region Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Southern Denmark.


Dorte Jagetic Andersen has a background in European Ethnology, European Continental Philosophy and Political Science. Her main research interest concerns identity-formation in areas influenced by the presence of geopolitically drawn borders, focusing particularly on conflict and their resolution(s). Recently she has been preoccupied with ethnographic studies in the border regions of the now Croatian parts of the former Yugoslavia, including Istria, Neum-Neretva and the Vukovar area in Slavonia, studying how local responses to the violent conflicts of the 1990s have all appropriated images of regional belonging reconciling the tense relations between past, present and future and thus working as counterweight to developments of nationalism, which are widespread in these areas. She is part of the administrative body of the Association of Border Studies.