Fields of Research - the five pillars

Several of the Saxo research fields are founded on a long tradition, but the Institute prioritize a dynamic environment, where noone is allowed to stay stuck in issues and methods that yesterday were relevant and up-to-date, but are presently on their way to becomming insignificant or outdated.  The Institute aspires to not only follow the national and international developments, but also to contribute to this current development.

The Institute therefore encourages its researchers to initiate new projects themselves, including the formation of centres, which can secure scientific progress, and the Institute offers solid support for planning, funding applications and practical execution of the projects. 

The five Columns in the Saxo Institute research profile are currently represented by the work carried out within the fields described below, and are formed by the trait that at least five senior researchers and one Ph.d. or PostDoc are active within the given field.

Read more about the columns and activities within the pillars: