The pivotal point of Saxo-institute research is first and foremost the western cultural realm, with special emphasis on Europe and cores focus on Denmark - however, not Denmark in isolation, but in regional and global context.

The Institute houses research teams with expertise within the culture and histiory of Denmark and several other western countries. The proritization of  Denmark, Europe and the broader western cultural realm, does not exclude the rest of the world. Just as the focus on Denmark is set in a broader framwork, there is also great emphasis on placing Europe and the West in a broader global context, and the Institute thus also houses researchers with expetise outside the western cultural realm.

A special feature of the Saxo Institute research profile is the strength of the exploration of the history and culture of the ancient Antique - including material culture - and subsequently the formative culture, which in more recent European history has been carried by the classical languages Greek and Latin.