Previous PhD thesis at Ethnology
from 2013 -  

Helle Leilund
Thesis: Uniformer på arbejde. Nutidige praksisser omkring ensartet arbejdstøj
Resumé (DK) og Abstract (UK) - pdf
Date of Defence: 15. december 2015

Assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Niels Jul Nielsen, formand (University of Copenhagen)
Associate Professor Lisbeth Haastrup (Aarhus University)
Docent Karin Salomonsen (Lund University)
Moderator of the defence:
Associate Professor Signe Mellemgaard (University of Copenhagen)

Mads Dupont Breddam

Thesis: Loyalitet i praksis. En etnologisk kulturanalyse af fænomenet den loyale forbruger
Resumé (DK) & Abstract (UK) - pdf
Date of Defence: 04. December 2015

Assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Marie Sandberg (University of Copenhagen)
Professor Fredrik Nilsson (Lund University)
Associate Professor Hanne Lindegaard (Aalborg University)
Moderator of the defence:
Head of Institute Anders Holm Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen)

Michael Andersen
Thesis: A Question of Location - Life with Fatigue after Stroke
Abstract (pdf)
Date of Defence: 24. January 2014

Assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Signe Mellemgaard (University of Copenhagen)
Senior Lecturer Tiago Moreira (Durham University)
Professor Dorothy Porter (University of California San Francisco)
Moderator of the defence:
Head of institute Anders Holm Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen)

Aske Juul Lassen
Thesis: Active ageing and the unmaking of old age: 
The knowledge productions, everyday practices and policies of the good late
Date of Defence: 26. september 2014

Assessment Committee:
Professor Sara Lamb (Brandeis University)
Associate Professor Lotte Huniche (University of Southern Denmark)
Professor Klaus Lindgaard Højer (University of Copenhagen)

Jeppe Høst
Thesis: Captains of Finance. An Inquiry into Market-based Fisheries Management
Abstract (English) and Resumé (dansk)(pdf)
Date of Defence: 15 March 2013

The assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Niels Jul Nielsen, Chair (University of Copenhagen)
Professor Svein Jentoft (Norwegian College of Fishery Science)
Associate Professor Seth Macinko (University of Rhode Island)
Moderator of the defence:
Associate Professor Tine Damsholt (University of Copenhagen)