PhD Fellow at the Saxo-Institute

PhD education in Denmark is a three year research training program concluding with a dissertation. PhD fellows will write and defend their dissertation in order to acquire a doctorate degree. The Saxo Institute has about 40 PhD fellows enrolled within the disciplines of History, Ethnology, Philology (Greek/Latin) and Classical and Prehistoric Archeology. The goal of the research training program is to develop and strengthen the quality of the individual research projects, to provide PhD fellows with optimal conditions to write their dissertation at high international standards, and to acquire a doctorate degree within the nominal period of enrollment.

Through the PhD research training program the Saxo Institute strives to provide PhD fellows with the most favorable conditions to enhance their projects and embed their research agendas in specialized research fields and communities of scholars both in Denmark and internationally.

Doctoral students are ensured highly qualified advice and feed back through appointed supervisors, through participation in PhD courses, seminars and international conferences, and through extended stays at research institutions abroad.

You will find a presentation of Saxo's PhD fellows and their wide ranging and exciting research projects here.

Application for PhD scholarship
The Faculty of Humanities welcomes international doctoral scholars. If you are interested in applying for a PhD Scholarship in the Humanities at the University of Copenhagen, please read the information pages here

PhD Courses

The Saxo Institute organizes doctoral courses relevant to its core research fields. These and many other PhD courses within the Humanities are offered through the PhD school for the Faculty of Humanities. Please find an overveiw of the current doctoral courses offered here (link  You can also contact Saxo's PhD-course coordinator Timm Flohr Sørensen for further information about  the Saxo related PhD- courses.

Visiting Doctoral Students

The Saxo Institute welcomes visiting scholars and doctoral students for both short and longer periods of research within or across the cores areas covered by the Institute: Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek and Latin, and History. The Institute offers a dynamic research environment and provides a number of services and facilities for visitors. We welcome requests from PhD fellows who have an interest in a stay at the Institute and who are willing to participate actively in the SAXO research environment.

Please contact the Saxo Institute PhD Coordinator, Associate Professor Sniff Andersen Nexø (, if you want to know more about PhD program at the Saxo Institute, or if you are interested in visiting us as a doctoral student. (link: