Centre for the Study of Nationalism

The Centre for the Study of Nationalism engages critically with the modern and contemporary nation-state, whose components have come to define the structure of the modern world and its prevailing identities.

Some time ago, the nation-state was generally regarded as moribund, overtaken by globalization, Europeanization or some other form of transnationalism, but today most people realize that this is not true. The world still consists of nation-states and the international system is largely based on the idea of national sovereignty. In addition, the resurgence of the radical right and the rise of populism have recently made the claims and attractiveness of nationalism abundantly clear, though in new forms and with new implications for the future of the global order.

























5 May 2020

The corona crisis has obviously implied a disruption of CSN’s planned activities in the spring. This is a sad but necessary evil. We don’t at this point know a lot about plans for opening up, but I don’t foresee the Center organizing physical meetings or other activities this side of summer. Our Öresund conference, planned for April 23, has been moved to October 23, and speakers as well as participants have been notified. We had also planned for a book reception on June 2, but that too will have to wait till the fall.

So, right now we are making event plans for the latter half of this year, and we will naturally keep you posted as best we can.

Kind regards,
Ulf Hedetoft


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