Collaborations - the Ethnology Section

The Ethnology Section works with the private sector in a variety of ways. As part of their education in ethnology, a significant number of students acquire first-hand work experience through internships – many of them in private companies.

In addition, the Section regularly conducts courses which are designed and executed in cooperation with private companies. Here, students are confronted with the challenge of applying theoretical and analytical insights to the practical options and dilemmas of organisations and institutions.

Finally, the Centre of Cultural Analysis – which has its roots in the Ethnology Section conducts more focused and policy oriented research projects in cooperation with private as well as public organizations. For these reasons, among others, ethnologists are in high demand in the private sector - in many cases students are hired even prior to their final exams.

In order to meet this growing demand, the Ethnology Section in Copenhagen has recently joined forces with the Ethnology Section in Lund, Sweden. Together, they have developed an international, English-language MA in Applied Cultural Analysis which will be launched in September 2008.