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Northern Europe’s timber resource - chronology, origin and exploitation

A team of archaeologists, historians and scientists have been examining past exploitation of timber in Northern Europe over the last few years. In February we will have a workshop where we tell of our findings and discuss our research.



Day 1 (Thursday 21. Feb)

09:30  Introduction

Aoife Daly

Northern Europe’s timber resource - chronology, origin and exploitation – An introduction to the project

10:00  Timber provenance

 Tod Waight

Broad introduction to isotope theory and how isotopes can be used as archaeological tracers


Alexandra Rodler

Provenancing archaeological timber with strontium isotopes


Oliver Smith

Theory and methods of ancient DNA in archaeology

12:00  Lunch



13:15 - 16:00  Timber provenance cont.

Aoife Daly

Timber for ships – two dendro-archaeological studies, Bøle (AD 1376-96) and Vasa (1628)


Alar Läänelaid &
Kristina Sohar

Oak dendrochronology in Estonia: current state and prospects


Māris Zunde &
Rūtilė Pukienė

Locating historic oaks for Latvian and Lithuanian chronologies problems and potential


Sveva Longo

Systematic investigations of archaeological wood by unusual techniques: MSCT, MRI, Micro-NMR and FTIR

(Evening dinner for speakers)

Day 2 (Friday 22. Feb)

09:30  Timber resource

 Mike Belasus

 Fit for water? - Timber quality for shipbuilding purposes and the late 14th Century "Bremen-Cog"


Jan Bill

Exploiting a timber caisson in Bispevika B7: A microstudy of the timber supply to Oslo in 1546


Fred Hocker

Timber for the Swedish navy: receipts, contractors and transaction costs in the 1620s

12:00  Lunch



13:15 - 16:00  Timber resource cont.

Sven Zulauf

The Wooden Trade in Prussia, Gdansk and the Polish Hinterland between 1409 and 1460


Maik Springmann

Ship timber – a special category in forestry? Remarks about wood for construction in reflection of written sources from the Baltic


Bo Fritzbøger

Written evidence of 17th-18th-century domestic timber resources in Denmark


Carsten Jahnke

The timber trade from and into the Baltic, sources and problems

Download programme (pdf).