Plagiarism in Written Assignments at the University of Copenhagen

Plagiarism, i.e. the presentation of another person's words, ideas, etc., as your own by, e.g., copying papers and books or downloading texts from the Internet, is considered a serious academic offence.

Accordingly, it is vital for university students to adopt study habits that do not lead to charges of unintended plagiarism.

At The University of Copenhagen we endeavour to instruct our students in academic integrity. As a consequence, all statements and propositions in written assignments must contain full and conclusive references as to the sources employed. Citations – including translations – should always have quotation marks and references. Paraphrases should also be given full references as should chains of reasoning reproduced from others. Factual information that could not reasonably be considered banal or common knowledge shall always have a reference.

If references concern longer passages of a text it shall be stated in a reference (e. g. “For the rest of this part, see T. Hägerstrand 1975”). Internet texts must be treated as all other texts, and so should tables, figures and illustrations. Since web based data are transient compared to old-fashioned paper based media, it is important always to note the time of reference.

According to the Danish University Law (No. 403 of 28 May 2003, § 14.6) plagiarism is a serious academic offence with grave consequences. Any student accused of plagiarism is offered an opportunity to comment on the accusation within a given time limit. After this the Study Director and the Faculty Dean will forward the case to the Rector of the University of Copenhagen, with whom the decision rests. If the student is found guilty, it will normally result in either an annulment of the exam or expulsion from the university for a shorter or longer period. If the student is no longer enrolled at the University of Copenhagen the attempted exam is failed, and the student will not be able to take part in another exam before the period of expulsion is over.

University Rules concerning plagiarism is found at (no 15.02).


Bo Fritzbøger, 15 September 2008
Director of Studies, The Saxo Institute