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Kristina Winther-Jacobsen

Kristina Winther-Jacobsen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

  • The social, economic, and physical landscapes of Cyprus during the Roman period
  • Culture, identity and habitus 
  • Roman pottery studies in context
  • Use differentiation of ceramics
  • Artefact variability, assemblage analysis and activity differentiating
  • Survey theory and methodology 
  • Landscape archaeology (see Space/Place a SAXO network


Current research

  • The correlation between the exploitation of natural resources and the establishment of settlement hierarchies in rural Cyprus during the Hellenistic-Roman period
  • The correlation between the social and economic landscape and the development of cultures, identities and habitus in Hellenistic-Roman Cyprus
  • The development of funerary customs in Cyprus during the Hellenistic-Roman period
  • The development of a Roman city-culture in the Pontos region.



  • Classical-Hellenistic Greek archaeology
  • Roman archaeology
  • Fieldwork theory and methodology
  • Classical archaeological theory
  • Ceramology

Fields of interest

  • Behavioural archaeology
  • Formation processes
  • Acculturation processes
  • Chaîne operatoire, agency and praxis theory
  • Culture, identity, habitus

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