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Tim Flohr Sørensen

Tim Flohr Sørensen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

My research is empirically centred the Early and Middle Neolithic and the study of megalithic burial monuments; on burial mounds and cremation in the Early Bronze Age; and on burial, cemeteries and mortuary architecture in the recent past (since 1850) on in particular in contemporary society. Moreover, I have worked with technology and metalwork in the Early Bronze Age, focusing on themes such as prototyping, copying and serial production.

Thematically, I focus on burial, architecture and technology, and more generally on archaeological theory, in particular materiality studies, but also more abstract topics such as time and temporality, light, absence, movement, the senses, emotion, affect and atmosphere.

I am part of the Saxo network "Heterokroni: temporalitet, materialitet og praksis".

Current research

In am particularly interested in developing a field of research within contemporary archaeology with the aim of rethinking the concept of time in archaeology, which typically revolves around chronology and linearity. Based on a comparative study of current discourses on conservation within heritage management and disposal practices, I aim at discussing and exploring material processes such as becoming, dissolution, return, anachronism and duration in an archaeological perspective.


I teach archaeological theory at BA and Master's levels.

I am interested in supervising BA projects and Master's dissertations within the following periods and topics:

- The Early and Middle Neolithic

- The Early Bronze Age

- Modernity and the recent past, including contemporary archaeology

 - death and burial

- materiality studies

- archaeological theory

- landscape studies and architecture

- contemporary archaeology and (critical) heritage studies

- ruins, ruination and decay

- emotions, affect, atmosphere, the senses

- time, temporality and chronology


Supervision of MA dissertations

I currently supervise five MA dissertations and have finalised another eight dissertations.


PhD projects

I co-supervise PhD projects for Pernille Desirée Peiter Pantmann (University of Copenhagen), Casper Toftgaard (University of Copenhagen), Anna Severine Beck (Aarhus University), Julie de Vos (Aarhus University) and Silke Holmqvist (Aarhus University). I was external advisor for Sebastian Becker (graduated, University of Cambridge)

ID: 101367240